Minor League Baseball in the Maritimes

Minor League baseball has been enjoyed throughout North America over the past 130 (or so) years.  But the history of minor league ball in the Maritime Provinces has been lacking.  There has only been the New Brunswick League (1890), New Brunswick-Maine League (1913) and Cape Breton Colliery League (1937-39) playing minor league (professional) baseball in the region.  The semi-pro Greater Boston Twilight League had a team in Saint John during the 1930’s and the (also semi-pro) Halifax & District League operated in various Nova Scotia communities from 1946 to 1959.

The Maritime sports scene is stagnate from the last hockey game in the spring (April/May), depending on how well the region’s Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and Maritime Hockey League teams play in their respective playoffs until the opening of QMJHL & Atlantic University Sport football camps in mid-August.  There’s some interest in local auto racing, senior baseball & soccer, but nothing that attracts the kind of attention that hockey (QMJHL , MHL, AUS), basketball (National Basketball League of Canada & AUS) and AUS football do during the fall/winter and spring months.  Baseball, at least if marketed right, could provide local sports fans with some local action during the summer.

This blog will discuss various options of bringing professional (or at least semi-professional) baseball back to the Maritimes.  Issues include the level/type of baseball that could locate here (affiliated, independent or collegiate summer league), location of teams/stadiums, marketing of teams and more.

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