1906 Attempt At Professional Baseball in New Brunswick

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While doing some research on Google News, I came across an interesting article from the Saint John Daily Sun from March 28, 1906.  The article is about an attempt to start a professional baseball league in New Brunswick.  There was resistance to the new league in Moncton, and the league would never get off the ground.  A couple centres in the province would host the New Brunswick-Maine League seven years later.

A full text of the article (word for word) follows:

Moncton Opposed to Professional Baseball

MONCTON, March 27 – The proposal to establish in the province a professional baseball league has not met with favor in Moncton.  In fact, the great majority of baseballists with whom the scheme was discussed are directly opposed to it.  Moncton had one experience with professional baseball some years ago, which left the M.A.A.A. in a very bad conditional financially and was a severe blow to that sport in Moncton.  Even the idea of a provincial amateur league does not meet with great favor here, as ball players have not sufficient time to devote to such an enterprise.  Moncton’s city league provides good ball, and intense interest has been manifested in this league since its inception.

The article mentions even a provincial amateur league was not acceptable at the time in Moncton.  The fact they were against pro ball is not a surprise considering amateur sport was the rule at the time in the Maritimes.  Aside from a few hockey and baseball leagues in the early days of the 20th century, there was resistance to professional sports in the region.  This explains why there was no professional leagues from the onset of the Second War World (1939) until the arrival of the AHL’s Voyageurs in 1971 (a total of 32 years).  Unless I am missing something, the reference to the failed attempt at professional baseball “some years ago” is about the New Brunswick League in the late 1800’s.

Not much relevance to today, but interesting to note the backlash to professionalism in the early days, especially here in the Maritmes.

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