ECBL Folds

East Coast Baseball League

One option for bringing professional baseball to the Maritimes is no more.  The East Coast Baseball League, which was scheduled to open their inaugural season this past week folded before playing a single game.  League founder Colin Cummings took the blame for the league’s failure to launch, due to lack of due diligence before starting up.

The league was slated to have six teams.  They were the Newburg Newts, Watertown Bucks, Old Orchard Beach Surge, Waterloo Whiskey Jacks, Niagara Wild and the Road City Explorers (travel team).  The league’s three US-based teams, plus the Explorers quickly regrouped and formed the new North Country Baseball League.  The two Canadian sides have dissolved.

The experience of the ECBL (and in all likelihood the Mount Rainier Baseball League) just goes to show how much work goes into starting a new independent professional baseball league.  All new leagues need a solid business plan, otherwise, they are bound to fail.

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