Roster(s) Breakdown: 1939 Cape Breton Colliery League

Last blog, I looked at the current Ottawa Champions by breaking down the roster by tallying the highest level of baseball played by each player.  Today, I will do something similar with the four teams that played the final season of the Cape Breton Colliery League (CBCL) in 1939.  For those of you who do not know, the CBCL was a professional baseball league that operated from 1937-39.  They played under the D classification for the first two seasons, before playing as a Class C league in the final year of play.  To date, the CBCL is the last time professional baseball has been played in the Maritimes.

Here is the breakdown.  For purposes of this list, I listed the highest level of baseball played by a player, regardless if it came before, during or after their time in Cape Breton.  Those players who played for more than one CBCL team in 1939, they are listed under each team they suited up here.  Classifications are different from they are today.  Rough equivalents would be AA=AAA, A=AA,  B=A, C=short season, D=rookie.

Sydney Steel Citians (36-20, playoff champions)
MLB – 0
AA – 3
A – 1
B – 2
C – 9

New Waterford Dodgers (31-25, lost finals)
MLB – 0
AA – 0
A – 1
B – 2
C – 14

Glace Bay Miners (26-25, lost semifinals)
MLB – 0
AA – 0
A – 0
B – 4
C – 18

Sydney Mines Ramblers (14-37, missed playoffs)
MLB – 3
AA – 2
A – 2
B -3
C – 16

Most players topped off at the Class C level, so the CBCL was the highest league that they played in during their careers.  I suspect that many of them were locals, as many of those players never played in a league other than the Colliery League.  Interestingly, the team with the only Major Leaguers on it (the Ramblers) finished in dead last by a wide margin.

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