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Blog Upgrades

Just to let you know, I have done some upgrades to the blog the past couple of weeks. I corrected errors that I spotted (spelling, grammar, punctuation) in old posts.  Also, I linked each Major League player mentioned on the … Continue reading

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Rock You Like A Hurricane

Some news on the NBL Canada front this past week involving the two new franchises in Nova Scotia. First, the new Halifax team, replacing the Rainmen, unveiled their identity as the Halifax Hurricanes.  In a vacuum, this is a good … Continue reading

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Blue Jays Can End “Impressive” Streak

Another post, another Blue Jays inspired “off-topic” topic.  The city of Toronto has not won a post-season series since the Maple Leafs (you know its long when they are mentioned) won their Conference Quaterfinal way back in 2004.  Since then … Continue reading

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Fun Facts About the Blue Jays Postseason Drought

Today is the day!  The Blue Jays play their first postseason game since Game Six of the 1993 World Series (Saturday, October 23, 1993 vs. Philadelphia).  To put that in prospective here are some facts about what was the longest … Continue reading

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Population of MSAs/CMAs in the USA/Canada and Levels of Baseball Teams Represented (current – 2016 & former)

Here is a list of all metropolitan areas in both Canada and the United States (including Puerto Rico).  The Canadian figures are 2010 Census figures for the country’s census metropolitan areas.  The American figures are 2011 Census figures for the … Continue reading

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