Fun Facts About the Blue Jays Postseason Drought

Toronto Blue Jays

Today is the day!  The Blue Jays play their first postseason game since Game Six of the 1993 World Series (Saturday, October 23, 1993 vs. Philadelphia).  To put that in prospective here are some facts about what was the longest postseason drought in Major League Baseball (and North American professional sports).  That distinction now belongs to the Seattle Mariners who last postseason game was Game Five of the 2001 ALCS (at New York).

Days since Joe Carter’s famous home run: 8020
Games the Blue Jays have played since: 3499
Blue Jays record in these games: 1727-1771-1 (.494)
Current Blue Jays who were born after October 23, 1993: 1 (Roberto Osuna)

Number of MLB teams that qualified for postseason in 1993: 4
Number of MLB teams that qualified for postseason in 2015: 10
Postseason games since then (counting this year’s Wild Card Games): 653
Number of MLB franchises that have qualified for postseason at least once since: 29
Number of MLB postseason berths available since then: 158

Number of ALDS games in Blue Jays history: 0
Number of NLDS games in Expos history: 5
Number of Yankees postseason games since 1993: 167

Number of Expos first place finishes since: 1
Number of Marlins first place finishes since: 0 (2 wild cards)
Number of Rockies first place finishes since: 0 (3 wild cards)

Venue the Maple Leafs played at that night: Thunderdome in St. Petersburg
Number of MLB postseason games played in that venue since: 15
Number of MLB postseason games played in Toronto since: 0
Site of the Phillies’ next World Series Game: Tropicana Field (aka Thunderdome)

Number of times a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since: 0
Number of times an American team has won the Grey Cup since: 1

Number of Maple Leafs playoff appearances since: 10
Maple Leafs  record since: 725-675-101-117 (W-L-T-OTL)
Year the Leafs Stanley Cup drought reached 22 years: 1989

Number of Raptors playoff appearances since: 7
Raptors record since: 678-914 (.426)
Raptors all-time record then: 0-0

Number of Argonauts playoff appearances since: 14
Argonauts record since: 189-200-2
Number of Argonauts Grey Cups since: 4

Halifax Mooseheads win total in 2012-13: 78 (regular season + playoffs + Memorial Cup)
Blue Jays win total in 2012: 73
Blue Jays win total in 2013: 74

London Knights win total in 2004-05: 79
Blue Jays win total in 2004: 67
Blue Jays win total in 2005: 80

Number of NHL lockouts since: 3 (2208 regular season games lost)
Number of NBA lockouts since: 4 (704 regular season games lost)
Number of NFL lockouts since: 1 (0 regular season games lost)
Number of MLB strikes since: 1 (921 regular season games lost)

Oldest player on the 1993 Blue Jays: Jack Morris, born 1955 (60 years old)
Highest salary on the 1993 Blue Jays: Joe Carter, $5,550,000 USD

Teams that existed in October of 1993: Charlotte Hornets 1.0, Hartford Whalers, Houston Oilers, Los Angeles Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Montreal Expos, Quebec Nordiques, Sacramento Gold Miners, Seattle Supersonics and Winnipeg Jets 1.0.

Teams added since then: Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Thrashers (Winipeg Jets), Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets), Columbus Blue Jackets, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Ottawa Redblacks, Ottawa Renegades, Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays, Toronto Raptors and Vancouver (Memphis) Grizzlies.  Plus the entire CFL USA experiment except for Sacramento.

No active player from the 2015 MLB season played during the 1993 season.  A handful were in the minor leagues or Japan in 1993 including: LaTroy Hawkins (Blue Jays), Torii Hunter (Twins), Alex Rodriquez (Yankees) and Ichiro Suzuki (Marlins).

Canadian Prime Ministers since: Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper.

American Presidents since: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Ontario Premiers since: Bob Rae, Mike Harris, Ernie Eves, Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne.

Nova Scotia Premiers since: John Savage, Russell MacLellan, John Hamm, Rodney MacDonald, Darrell Dexter and Stephen MacNeil.

Mayors of Toronto since: June Rowlands, Barbara Hall, Mel Lastman, David Miller, Rob Ford and John Tory.

Number #1 song on October 23, 1993: Dreamlover by Mariah Carey
Number #1 movie on October 23, 1993: The Beverly Hillbillies
Most watched TV show of 1993: The Cheers finale

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