Can Am League releases 2016 Schedule

Cuban Baseball Team

The Cubans are coming! (Courtesy

Just a short post to inform everyone the Can Am League releases its 2016 schedule a couple of weeks ago (November 12).  The league will be made up of the same teams as last year (Ottawa, Quebec, Trois-Rivieries, Rockland, New Jersey and Sussex County.  There will be no inter-league play with the American Association, ending a four season run.  From June 9 to 30, two international teams will be playing league members in games counting in the regular season standings.  Japan’s Shikoku Island All-Stars will be returning and new this year, the Cuban National Team will play games against Can Am opponents.  Teams will play either three or four vs. the two road teams (a total of six or seven).  The remaining 93-94 games will be against the other five Can Am teams.

The 100 game schedule opens on Thursday, May 19 and ends on Sunday, September 5.  Playoff format remains the same (top four playing best of five series.  Despite ending inter-league play, the league’s players are still taking part in the American Association’s All-Star Game on August 2 in St. Paul, MN.

For the record here is the inter-league record of the Can Am League vs. the American Association.

2012: 26 games under .500
2013: 16 games under .500
2014: 4 games over .500
2015: 7 games under .500

As you can see, Can Am League teams were  a combined 45 games under .500 vs. the American Association during the four seasons of inter-league play.

I will be doing another mock schedule of (hypothetical) Halifax and Moncton Can Am League teams sometime in the near future.

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