There Goes That Idea …




A couple of years ago, when I started this blog I came up with some suggested names for a summer collegiate league in the region.  One of the suggestions was the Cape Breton Highlanders (after the Highlands & the area’s Scottish heritage).  Turns out I am not the only person with that idea.  The new NBL Canada franchise which is scheduled to begin play in 2016-17 has labelled itself with that exact same name.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me as I need to come up with another name for any hypothetical baseball teams in Sydney.  A Sydney baseball team could also be branded:

  • Cape Breton Celts (Scottish)
  • Cape Breton Gaels (see above)
  • Cape Breton Miners (industry, former name for Glace Bay baseball & hockey teams)
  • Cape Breton Royals (the island was originally called Ill Royale by the French in the 1700’s)
  • Cape Breton Steelers (industry)

I am sure there are others but this is the best I can come up with off the top of my head.  As is the case with every other Sydney team (Highlanders, Screaming Eagles, Breakers & Oilers) I would stick with naming any team after “Cape Breton” and not just “Sydney”.

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