A Note on Halifax & Professional Baseball

I have mentioned previously in this blog that Halifax is the biggest metropolitan area in Canada or the United States (including territories, i.e. Puerto Rico) that has never had professional baseball.  Well, my last post mentioned a few leagues in the 1911-24 period where the city did in fact, have a form of professional baseball.  Earlier, I had mentioned that by using the Baseball Reference’s Register City Encyclopedia to find my data.  Since neither the Halifax City Pro League (1911) or Nova Scotia Professional League (1912 & 1924) is listed either there or on the BR Bullpen (Baseball Reference’s wiki); I went with the fact that the city has never had a professional baseball team.

Since there were professional leagues that operated in Halifax in the early 1900s, the above fact is incorrect.  In future when discussing the idea of bringing a professional team to the city I will mention that it’s been 90+ years since a professional team played out of Halifax as opposed to the city never having pro ball before.  Or, I may word it “according to Baseball Reference”, Halifax has never had pro ball.  Either way, instead of Halifax being the largest city in Canada of the United States to never host professional baseball, that honor now belongs to Anchorage, Alaska (380,821 metro population in the 2010 US Census).

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