The Ballpark Proposal Series

As mentioned earlier this week, I am starting a series on this blog about (potential) ballpark proposals in various centres across Atlantic Canada.  These posts will include arguments on why certain locations would be an ideal place to build a ballpark (or small multi-purpose stadium with baseball capabilities).  Most of these posts will include pictures of these areas, including Google Maps screenshots.

Most of the proposed ballparks will be located in one of a few areas in each city.  Most of these proposals are either:

  • current ballparks (either senior baseball or other local leagues)
  • current sports fields (football, soccer, rugby, etc fields that can be converted for baseball use)
  • open areas in (or around) downtown
  • areas that have a lot of open space that can be used for a ballfield and / or parking)

The first post will discuss the idea of redeveloping Wanderers Grounds in Halifax to a multi-purpose small scale stadium (baseball friendly, of course).  Due to my knowledge of the cities, most posts will be about Halifax or Moncton.  I will also post at least one each for Fredericton, Saint John, Charlottetown, Sydney and St. John’s.

Hope you enjoy the series!

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