A Personal Story About Spaceman Lee

I blogged about Bill “Spaceman” Lee’s time in Moncton a few months back.  In that post, I mentioned the Spaceman movie.  That movie was released to select theatres, iTunes & Video on Demand.  But, I am not here to post about that (just using the timing to post this gem).  I will tell a story about the time I meet Spaceman.

It was July 2014 and my (then) seven-year old son was attending the Kelly Gruber Baseball Camp in Halifax.  The instructors were Kelly Gruber, Scott Bullett and Spaceman Lee.  Most of you reading this blog probably know who Gruber and Lee are.  Bullett, is a former Cub and Pirate who runs Bullett Proof Baseball Academy in Welland, Ontario.

Anyways, back on track; the event was held at the Mainland North ball field.  The day gone great with the three former Major League’s teaching the kids the basic fundamentals of hitting, fielding and base running.  Towards the end of the day, the kids had an opportunity to play catch with the guys and bat against Spaceman.  Out in right field, Spaceman was tossing pitches to the young players and giving tips while doing so.  When it was my son’s turn to bat, he continued to do so.  After the number of pitches, he (accidentally) beaned by son in the hand.

The result was, my son had cuts and bruises on his hand and had to get first aid to stop the bleeding and pain.  While walking over to the first aid tent, I had to try my hardest not to laugh.  While my son was hurt, it was Bill “Spaceman” Lee who injured him and I could hardly contain my laughter about this situation.  The woman who walked him over there (with myself) even said to him, “You were just hit my Bill Lee, a famous baseball player”.

When it was all over, everything was fine.  No serious injuries and Spaceman was very sorry for the accidental beaning.  He apologized during a post camp autograph session in one of the dugouts.  We ended up getting a ball autographed by all three players.


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