My 100th Post!


Just a brief celebration on my 100th post to this blog.  I started this blog on July 10, 2013 and have been adding posts more and more each year.  In other words it shouldn’t take another 28 months before I reach 200.

So far, I have written articles detailing various aspects of Atlantic Canadian baseball.  I have discussed the history of the game in the region as well ways a pro/college summer team(s) could operate in the region.  I have discussed local leagues, namely senior baseball.  I have briefly touched on other sports (NBL Canada, AUS football, CFL and soccer).

In the coming months, I will be adding more posts to the Ballpark Proposals series, chronicling possible spots for ballparks across Atlantic Canada.  I will be during more historical posts over the off-season, including more Player Profiles, which are about baseball players from Atlantic Canada.  I will continue to touch on other sports as well.  Remember my recent NBA posts?  I will do similar posts on the NHL, CFL and NFL (despite my ongoing NFL boycott).  I have other posts planned that I will discuss later.

This year, my number of hits has increased.  As of November 3, I have increased the number of hits to this blog by almost 300% over all of last year.  This includes at least one hit per day since sometime in February or March.  Hopefully that trend will continue over the next 100 posts; well into 2017, 2018 and beyond.  Hope you enjoy some of the things I have written over the last 100 posts and will continue to do so.

Thanks for the support!

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