NFL Connections to Atlantic Canada


Halifax’s Steve Morley (courtesy CBC).

I have already covered MLB, NBA & CFL connections to Atlantic Canada.  With Super Bowl LI coming up next weekend, it’s good time to reflect on our regions connections to the NFL.

Atlantic Canadians Who Played in the NFL

  1. Steve Morley – Halifax, Nova Scotia – New York Jets 2005 [Also played in CFL]
  2. Eddie Murray – Halifax, Nova Scotia – Detroit Lions 1980-91, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1992, Kansas City Chiefs 1992, Dallas Cowboys 1993 & 1999 , Philadelphia Eagles 1994, Washington 1995 & 2000, Minnesota Vikings 1997
  3. Ted Williams – Bay Bulls, Newfoundland & Labrador – Philadelphia Eagles 1942, Boston Yanks 1944
  4. Tyrone Williams – Halifax, Nova Scotia – Dallas Cowboys 1993 [Also played in CFL]

It’s interesting to note the Super Bowl XXVIII champion Dallas Cowboys (1993 season) featured two players born in Halifax (Tyrone Williams & Eddie Murray).  Murray however, grew up in Victoria.  Ted Williams grew up in Massachusetts and since this is a baseball blog,  he played in Boston (you a team called the Yanks!) while the “other” Ted Williams served in World War Two.  This makes Tyrone Williams and Steve Morley the only guys who grew up in the region who made the NFL.

Atlantic University Sport

  1. Ken Clark – Saint Mary’s 197os – Los Angeles Rams 1979
  2. Steve Morley – Saint Mary’s 1999-2002 – see above
  3. Henoc Muamba – St. FX 2006-10 – Indianapolis Colts 2014
  4. Jerome Paython – Acadia 1993 – Indianapolis Colts 1998-2001, New Orleans Saints 2002-04, Atlanta Falcons 2005

Paython played one year at Acadia (winning CIAU rookie of the year) before enrolling at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Clark was a member of the 1973 Vanier Cup champion Huskies.  He would spend the next season with the Portland Storm (World Football League).  Clark would play 12 seasons in the CFL (1975-78, 1980-88).  He spent the 1979 season with the Los Angeles Rams whom lost Super Bowl XIV to the Steelers.  Morley was a member of the 2001 and 2002 Vanier Cup champions.

Both of the above lists don’t include near NFL players (attended training camp or mini camp).  If they did, they would include players like Bruce Beaton (Port Hood NS, Acadia) who tried out for the Colts in the late 1990s.

There have been no NFL exhibition games played in the region.  The closest being a 1959 games between the Giants and Packers in Bangor, Maine.

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