1975 Intercontinental Cup


Future Blue Jay Paul Molitor played in the 1975 Cup in Moncton.

The 1975 Intercontinental Cup was played in Moncton (Kiwanis Park) and Montreal (Parc Jarry).  This post has the standings, results and rosters for Canada & the USA.  This was the first major international baseball tournament staged in Atlantic Canada.  Top international baseball would return 22 years later at the 1997 World Juniors, also held in Moncton.

Round Robin:
(Kiwanis Park, Moncton)
August 14:
Canada 4, South Korea 2
Nicaragua 5, Puerto Rico 4

August 15:
United States 10, Puerto Rico 3
Japan 9, Italy 2

August 16:
Canada 9, Nicaragua 2
South Korea 12, Columbia 7

August 17:
United States 12, Italy 0
Puerto Rico 9, Columbia 2

August 18:
Italy 1, Canada 0 (6 innings, rain)

August 19:
Puerto Rico 4, South Korea 1
United States 4, Nicaragua 1

August 20:
Italy 2, Columbia 0
Japan 11, Nicaragua 1

August 21:
Japan 1, South Korea 0
Nicaragua 9, Columbia 5

August 22:
Canada 8, Columbia 7
Puerto Rico 5, Italy 4

August 23:
United States 5, South Korea 2
Japan 11, Puerto Rico 1

August 24:
United States 6, Canada 0

(Parc Jarry, Montreal)
August 27:
Canada 8, Puerto Rico 0
Nicaragua 10, Italy 4
South Korea 11, Italy 4

August 28:
United States 1, Japan 0 (12 innings)
Japan 9, Columbia 2
South Korea 5, Nicaragua 2

August 29:
Japan 8, Canada 1
United States 12, Columbia 2


United States 7-0
Japan 6-1
Canada 4-3
Nicaragua 3-4
Puerto Rico 3-4
South Korea 3-4
Italy 2-5
Columbia 0-7

Medal Round:
August 30:
United States 7, Canada 5 (semi-final)
Japan 11, Nicaragua 0 (semi-final)

August 31:
Nicaragua 5, Canada 4 (bronze medal)
United States 8, Japan 0 (gold medal)

I was able to find the rosters for both Team Canada and Team USA.  Like I did with the 1997 World Junior post, when possible, I included a tidbit on each player.

Team Canada:

  1. Fred Cardwell, P (top amateur pitcher in Canada in 1960s & 1970s)
  2. Brian Cox, C
  3. Dave Grass, 2B (amateur player from Manitoba)
  4. Brent Hallett, OF (native New Brunswicker)
  5. Kevin Keith, OF (native of Miramichi, NB)
  6. Greg Lindsay, P
  7. Dennis Lindsrand, 1B (native of Camrose, AB; played at Sam Houston State)
  8. Brad McArthur, P (native of White Rock, BC; played at Boise State)
  9. Richard Milo, OF (Quebec native, baseball journalist for 40 years)
  10. John Osborne, P (Toronto native)
  11. Alf Payne, SS (long time player in Intercounty League, passed away in 2012)
  12. Dale Ramsey, 2B
  13. Doug Simon, OF  (played for Canada in numerous tournaments)
  14. Barry Smith, OF
  15. Ted Springenatic, 3B (played at Washington State University)
  16. Jim Thomas, SS (British Columbia native)
  17. Bob Thompson, OF (long time player in Manitoba senior leagues)
  18. Bob Tommerson, P
  19. Al Watson, C

Coach: John Haar (former minor leaguer, advancing as far as A ball)
Coach:Vern Handrahan (former Kansas City Athletic, PEI native)
Coach: Wayne Norton (long time minor leaguer, advancing as far as AAA, long time scout)
Coach: Garneau Seaman (played in Halifax Defense League & Middleton Cardinals)
Trainer: Doc Younkers (trainer for Padres, 1976-85)

Team USA: 

  1. Carl Bergquist
  2. Jeff Brisson (16th round draft choice of Phillies in 1975, Iowa Western Community College)
  3. Bob Ferris  (pitched in 7 games with Angels in 1979-80)
  4. Ed Flaherty (played for University of Maine, coached at Southern Maine)
  5. Glenn Gulliver (played for Orioles in 1982-83)
  6. Duane Gustavson (played six seasons in Cubs, Astros & Royals systems, finishing at AA Omaha)
  7. Bob Hamilton (played five seasons in Dodgers system, finishing at AA San Antonio)
  8. Ron Hassey (played 14 MLB seasons with Indians, Cubs, Yankees, White Sox, A’s & Expos)
  9. Chris Knepp (played at University of North Carolina)
  10. Steve Lane (37th round draft pick of Cardinals in 1977, Vanderbilt)
  11. Tim Lewis (played five seasons in Yankees system, finishing at AAA Columbus)
  12. Butch Miller
  13. Paul Molitor (Hall of Famer, seven time all-star; played for Brewers, Blue Jays & Twins)
  14. Jerry Mondalto (Massachusetts native, played in Italy)
  15. Bert Newman (played one season in Cubs system)
  16. Steve Powers (played three seasons in Cubs & Indians systems, finishing at A Waterloo)
  17. Scott Sanderson (played 19 MLB seasons for Expos, Cubs, A’s, Yankees, Angels, Giants & White Sox; all-star in 1991)
  18. Tom Sohns (played five seasons in Reds system, finishing at AA Waterbury)
  19. Greg Vogel (played one season in Twins system)
  20. Denny Walling (played 18 MLB seasons with A’s, Astros, Cardinals & Rangers)
  21. Kip Young (pitched two seasons with Tigers, 1978-79)

Head Coach: Dick Bergquist (long time coach at University of Massachusetts)
Coach: Itchy Jones (long time coach at both University of Southern Illinois and University of Illinois)
Coach: Bob Smith

Rosters courtesy of AtThePlate.com & USA Baseball

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