Syndey Mines Ramblers Uniform

While doing some research for this blog, I came across these beauties.  Recently someone put an old Sydney Mines Ramblers uniform on Ebay.

I am not sure of the authentically of this uniform but I am willing to trust that the authenticity is legit.  The uniform was worn my the Ramblers team of the Cape Breton Colliery League in the late 1930’s.  It was manufactured by a company called Empire (“The Emblem of Satisfaction”) of New York City.  The company’s tag can be seen on the back of the neck area in the second photograph above.  The number on this jersey is 3.  I am not sure who wore the number/uniform for the team.

The three Major Leaguers that wore this uniform are Al Blanche, Connie Creeden and Bill Marshall.  The Ramblers best season came in 1937, when they finished 27-21 and finished tied (Sydney) in second place.  The Steel Citians would beat them two games to none in the semifinal round.  They didn’t qualify for the playoffs in 1938 or 1939.  The Ramblers played their home games at Brown Street Field

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