1997 New Brunswick Major Leaguers

NB players

This is the first post in a new series where I will be posting a picture and writing a short paragraph about said picture.

Above is a lithograph printed during the 1997 Major League season.  The picture celebrates the three New Brunswickers that played in the Majors that season.  First is Matt Stairs pictured as an Oakland Athletic (above) and below as a Fredericton Schooner, his amateur team.  In the middle is Jason Dickson, headshot as an Anaheim Angel and below pictured as a Chatham Ironmen.  Last but not least, is Rheal Cormier who was playing for the Montreal Expos that season.  Below he is pictured with the Moncton Mets.  There were three New Brunswick players on Opening Day rosters in 1997, more than any other Canadian province.

Dickson was an All-Star that season.  Due to injuries, that season and 1998 were his only full seasons in the Major Leagues.  This was Stairs’ first full season in the Majors and first in Oakland after brief stops in Montreal and Boston.  Stairs would last in MLB until 2011 when he retired from the Washington Nationals.  Cormier was the veteran of the NB crew, as 1997 was his seventh MLB season.  He would only pitch 1.1 innings that year due to injuries.  Cormier missed the entire 1998 season (when he was Cleveland Indians property).  He would retire after the 2007 season was a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

This picture is courtesy of icollector.com.

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