Brown Street Field, Sydney Mines

BSP Sydney Mines

Google Street View imagine of Brown Street Park.

The Sydney Mines Ramblers of the Cape Breton Colliery League played at Brown Street Field.  The park is currently a softball field, located on Dwyer Street, just off of Brown Street.  The field was used throughout the 1930s as the team’s home.  The Ramblers were an amateur team in the early to mid 1930s before becoming professional in 1937.  A new press box was constructed when the team (& league) became professional.

The Ramblers qualified for the playoffs for the only time (professionally) in 1937.  They finished in second place and lost in the semifinals.  In 1938, the team installed a new scoreboard, which was donated by the Imperial Tobacco Company.  Lights were installed the following year.

On August 10, 1938 Brown Street Park hosted a no-hitter.  The no-hitter was thrown by Sydney’s Merle Settlemire against the Ramblers.  Settlemire and the Steel Citians won the game 1-0 in 12 innings.

The park hosted a unique doubleheader in July of 1939.  In game one, the Ramblers defeated Glace Bay in a regular season game.  In the nightcap, the Ramblers beat the touring House of David team, 8-1.  The Ramblers would finish the season in fourth (last) place.

BSP overhead

Overhead view of Brown Street Park.

If you look careful you can see the current outfield fence.  The grassy area behind the current fence used to be put of the baseball outfield (softball outfields are about 100 shorter than baseball).  There are also tennis courts in the old right field.  It’s fun to imagine that people playing ball on this field are playing on a former professional field; where former Major Leaguers once played on.

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2 Responses to Brown Street Field, Sydney Mines

  1. Shaun says:


    I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the brown street field has since had an upgrade. New backstop, the old rubber(not sure what it was) has been removed and a fence has been input.

    The old Tennis courts had their fence extended(there was a gap in the right field fence and where it meet the old tennis courts).

    There is fresh dirt down which has been graded a few times and then there is a new side entrance in the parking lot side.

  2. Colin says:

    Jim Myers who wrote an MA Thesis on the Cape Breton Colliery League and sport historian Colin Howell will be talking about Maritime Baseball History at the Maritime Baseball Memories day at Saint Mary’s Univ on Nov 3rd at 2:00, Homburg Center, room HC211. Everyone welcome.

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