We Will Remember Them

With Rememberance Day approaching it’s a good time to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedome.  Here is a list of Maritime ball players who made the ultimate sacrifice and died defending our country during both World Wars.

  1. Don Norton – Norton was an amateur pitcher and outfielder for the dynasty St. Croix team in his hometown of St. Stephen.  He played for the St. Croixs in 1938-39.  He would go on to Mt. Allison University, where he started in track & field.  After graduation, he would enlist as a Flying Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  On June 8, 1944 he was shot down & killed in France.  Norton would receive the Canadian Cross.  He was inducted in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame in 1970.
  2. Alexander “Sandy” Smith – Smith was an amateur third baseman from 1910 to 1912.  He was a member of his hometown Port Hood Royals.  The club was one of the best teams in Nova Scotia at the time.  Smith joined the war efforts before arriving in England as part of the 72nd Battalion, BC Regiment in 1917.  He was wounded in battle three times prior to being reward the Military Medal in April 1918.  He was promoted to corporal in August 1918.  On September 2, 1918 he was killed in action while serving in France.
  3. Alby Sumara – He was one of Nova Scotia’s top pitchers during the 1930s.  Sumara pitched for his hometown Springhill Fencebusters, plus  the Pugwash Maple Leafs and Kentville.  In June 1940 he enlisted with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders.  He left for Europe in 1941 and was killed on November 1, 1944 while serving in Belgium.  His war heroics lead him to being awarded the Canadian Cross.
  4. Charles Weatherby – He was a teammate of Norton’s with the St. Croixs in the late 1930s.  He was a first baseman in baseball before becoming a Warrant Officer in the RCAF.  On April 11, 1944 he was shot down while in France.  He was rewarded the Canadian Cross.

All information in this post in courtesy of Baseball’s Greatest Sacrifice.  The site lists and bios numerous baseball players (from amateur to the Majors) killed while serving their countries.

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