Babe Ruth in New Brunswick in 1925


Ruth at Plaster Rock in 1925 (courtesy Pinterest).

Babe Ruth did not have a great season in 1925.  He played in only 98 games after his infamous “bellyache heard round the world” at the end of Spring Training.  The Yankees would finish the season in seventh place with a 69-85 record.  Ruth would only hit 25 home runs, his lowest total between the 1919 and 1933 seasons.

After the season, he would go on a hunting trip to New Brunswick.  According to a recent episode of the This Week in Baseball History podcast (which was about his subpar 1925 season), he was the only member of his hunting party that didn’t walk the entire way to the hunting lodge.  Granted, it was a 40 mile hike back to the lodge and after the illness he had earlier in the year, you can’t blame the Babe for riding most of the trip on horseback.  As you can see in the picture above, Ruth had lots of fun during this trip as he loved to fish and drink.

Ruth visited New Brunswick on at least two other occasions.  He was a guest a Miramichi Lodge in October 1923.  He also visited the province in 1940.  During that trip he made a visit to Neill’s Hardware in Fredericton (a couple pictures can be found at the bottom of the page).  These trips to New Brunswick shouldn’t come as a surprise due to his many trips to Nova Scotia over the years.  I wrote about many of these in a blog post back in January of 2016.

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