HFX Wanderers Promotions Staff Keeps Hitting It Out of the Park


Rover, the Nova Scotia Duck Toller is the Wanderers’ mascot (courtesy thestar.ca)

The HFX Wanderers management team has done lots of good things when it comes to promoting their product.  Everything the Canadian Premier League team has done when identifying and promoting the club has been excellent.  The way they have conducted themselves is a textbook case of how to promote a new team in a market with little to no history in the respective sport (in this case, soccer).

The team’s name was an excellent choice.  The Wanderers is both a nod to the team’s home ground (Wanderers Grounds) as well as a traditional soccer (football) team name.  The team is used by several teams across the globe, namely the Bolton Wanderers of England and Wanderers FC, the first winners of the FA Cup.  From a Canadian prospective, there’s the old Montreal Wanderers, winners of the Stanley Cup in 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1910.  They were later inaugural members of the National Hockey League.

The team logo is also perfect for Halifax.  It incorporates both the bridge and the citadel (the outlining shape).  The logo has lots of blue, representing the ocean.  I also like the Scottish Gaelic motto of Ar Cala, Ar Dachaigh, Ar n-Anam.  This translates to Our Harbour, Our Home, Our Soul.  Speaking of blue, the kit (jersey in North American terms) makes good use of it.  It is one of the more eye catching ones in the league.  It also looks good that the league was able to get global company like Volkswagen as a sponsor.

I really love the mascot.  Rover is an appropriate name for a mascot for the Wanderers.  I like the fact that Rover is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, which is the official dog of Nova Scotia.  Growing up, my family had several Duck Tollers, so having one as a mascot really hit home for me.  In fact, it probably steals an idea I would have come up with, had I been running a local sports team.  As is the case with most mascots, he is designed to be kid friendly.

I also like the fact the team operates a store in the Halifax Shopping Centre.  Similarly, the Mooseheads were smart by moving the official store from the Scotiabank Centre box office to Scotia Square.  By having team stores in popular retail places the teams become more visible to the community as merchandise becomes more accessible to most people.  This should lead to more sales, which means you will see more folks around town wearing team gear.

Hopefully they can keep it up and the team will be around for years to come.

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