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Pennant Race Fun

It has the makings of being a great pennant (division, actually) race involving the Maritimes’ two favorite teams.  Those are, of course, the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox.  As of this writing, the Blue Jays are in first … Continue reading

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Major League Game in the Maritimes?

I have written about previous Major League exhibitions played in the Maritimes.  I have also written about my proposed Home Run Atlantic idea where two minor league teams play a series in the region (based off of the CFL’s Touchdown … Continue reading

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Minor League Baseball Classifications Based on Population

Happy Census Day Canada!  In honour of today (Tuesday, May 10, 2016) being the reference date of the 2016 Census of Canada, I am posting a fun list based on population. If MLB & Minor League Baseball classifications were based … Continue reading

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Ideal Blue Jays Farm System

My post regarding the ideal Montreal Expos system has received a lot of clicks, so I will attempt to do the same with the Blue Jays.  Each affiliate will be chosen in order to maximize the club’s exposure across Canada … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Everywhere

Very few players in baseball history have played as long as Fredericton’s Matt Stairs (20 MLB seasons & 23 professional seasons).  He also holds the MLB record for most teams played for by a position player (13, counting Montreal & … Continue reading

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Blue Jays Can End “Impressive” Streak

Another post, another Blue Jays inspired “off-topic” topic.  The city of Toronto has not won a post-season series since the Maple Leafs (you know its long when they are mentioned) won their Conference Quaterfinal way back in 2004.  Since then … Continue reading

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Fun Facts About the Blue Jays Postseason Drought

Today is the day!  The Blue Jays play their first postseason game since Game Six of the 1993 World Series (Saturday, October 23, 1993 vs. Philadelphia).  To put that in prospective here are some facts about what was the longest … Continue reading

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