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Halifax Sports Saturation

There was recently an article in the Halifax Star-Metro explaining the potential sports saturation with all the rumours of potential teams coming to Halifax.  The city already has the Mooseheads, Hurricanes and now the Privateers.  There is also rumours of both … Continue reading

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There Goes That Idea …

    A couple of years ago, when I started this blog I came up with some suggested names for a summer collegiate league in the region.  One of the suggestions was the Cape Breton Highlanders (after the Highlands & … Continue reading

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Rock You Like A Hurricane

Some news on the NBL Canada front this past week involving the two new franchises in Nova Scotia. First, the new Halifax team, replacing the Rainmen, unveiled their identity as the Halifax Hurricanes.  In a vacuum, this is a good … Continue reading

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NBL Canada Summer League

I have been sitting on this topic for a while, hoping to blog about it when and the idea came back up. Since it hasn’t as of yet, I am going to blog about it anyway.  The National Basketball League … Continue reading

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