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What If: Maritime Summer Collegiate Baseball

Let’s say that tomorrow it was announced a group of investors started a summer collegiate league based in the Maritimes.  I will go over some scenarios on what such a league could look like.  Scenarios will range from Maritime only league … Continue reading

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2016 Census of Population

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017; Statistics Canada released the first results from the 2016 Census of Population.  These include city/metro population results across Canada.  I will present the results from Atlantic Canada. Metropolitan population of the major Atlantic markets: Halifax, … Continue reading

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Northern New England Baseball

One area of the United States that is similar to the Maritimes both culturally and economically is New England, especially the northern part of the region (Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire).  Like the Maritimes, the region went a long time … Continue reading

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New Brunswick – Maine League

Over 100 years ago, there was professional baseball being played in New Brunswick.  The New Brunswick – Maine League was a Class D circuit that existed in 1913, before folding on August 23.  The NBML had operated as an amateur … Continue reading

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