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A Personal Story About Spaceman Lee

I blogged about Bill “Spaceman” Lee’s time in Moncton a few months back.  In that post, I mentioned the Spaceman movie.  That movie was released to select theatres, iTunes & Video on Demand.  But, I am not here to post … Continue reading

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Pennant Race Fun

It has the makings of being a great pennant (division, actually) race involving the Maritimes’ two favorite teams.  Those are, of course, the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox.  As of this writing, the Blue Jays are in first … Continue reading

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Major League Game in the Maritimes?

I have written about previous Major League exhibitions played in the Maritimes.  I have also written about my proposed Home Run Atlantic idea where two minor league teams play a series in the region (based off of the CFL’s Touchdown … Continue reading

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Susan McEachern Memorial Park, Sydney

This is a part in a series of blog posts about places where a minor league baseball park could be built in various Maritime centres.  I have discussed some of these in the past but I will go into farther … Continue reading

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